Chameleon – Multicloud ArchiveLink

Chameleon MultiCloud ArchiveLink is the only Multicloud solution that connects your SAP systems to the main cloud storage systems.

It integrates the SAP document management system into cloud repositories, increasing storage alternatives –ArchiveLink/Archiving– and reducing costs and operations.

Companies that use SAP systems, in order to migrate document objects from a SAP system to a cloud storage system, usually need different tools. Furthermore, the metadata that enables the access to migrated data in a transparent way are not transferred.

Now they can choose. They can store documents from SAP to the most common repositories, including low-cost ones. With a single tool they can store the documents in multiple repositories and allow users to access these documents without having to change anything in their SAP systems.

One-click migration between repositories without making any changes to your SAP system.

A single Multicloud tool to manage documents in any cloud storage system.

It allows you to store documents attached to SAP business objects (Orders, Invoices, Customers, Suppliers, etc.) in the most used cloud document repositories.

Store documents and files in different cloud storage systems.

Access: Non-SAP users can access documents according to the criteria reflected in the metadata: searches, lists, etc

Flexibility: Available as SaaS or On-prem installation.

Metadata: Complete management of parameterisable metadata associated to the documents.

Traceability: Access log –Read/Write– of stored documents or files.

Speed: Immediate set-up and fast ArchiveLink/SAP Archiving response.

The only Multicloud ArchiveLink in SaaS mode on the market

Chameleon MultiCloud ArchiveLink is the only Multicloud connector system on the market that is able to be run in SaaS or On-premise mode, depending on the needs.

Chameleon MultiCloud ArchiveLink is aimed at IT managers and CIOs of companies with SAP systems who want to optimize document storage costs in an extremely simple way, allowing their users to choose the document repository external to the SAP system.

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