SAP DevOps

We know that applying DevOps for SAP is difficult, but not impossible.

All companies are in the midst of a transformation process that requires streamlining their technological platform updates, the DevOps philosophy was born with the aim of achieving this streamlining with the utmost reliability.

However, given the nature of ABAP technology, the core of SAP environments, applying these principles isn’t easy, furthermore, the evolution towards cloud-centric applications means that we must also take into account integrations with the cloud world.

The strategy of Novis is to use the native SAP ALM tool, Solution Manager, but with a new philosophy which enables a CI/CD flow.

SAP Solution Manager is based on four end-to-end processes which cover the complete cycle of the applications:

Combining the pieces of the different solutions of SAP Solution Manager with other Cloud solutions, we provide the required robustness for the different projects that need to be implemented, all with the best methodological practices provided by DevOps.


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