Cybersecurity for SAP

A vulnerable ERP system exposes your company’s most critical information to third parties: client data, supplier data, costs, prices, payments, payments received, bank details and confidential industrial information, among others. However, 95% of these systems present vulnerabilities which are exploitable by hackers, both external and internal ones. Even worse than the system falling over is the theft of information for fraudulent use by third parties.

The speed at which SAP corrects these vulnerabilities isn’t sufficient, given that organisations don’t generally apply them right away. On the other hand, they are still considered «internal systems» with low exposure to cyberattacks, and basic rules regarding protection are often overlooked. Lastly, having a good roles system assigned to users isn’t enough to protect a SAP system.

Even today, the majority of information relative to cyberattacks, technical and in the media, focuses mainly on secondary elements: web servers, networks, file servers, and secondary databases. There is an illusory sense of control over SAP systems which needs to be remedied.

The security of a SAP system is structured in layers:

  • Compliance
  • SAP Operations
  • SAP Configuration
  • Code Security
  • Infrastructure

Control and protection must be applied vertically, covering all five layers, and horizontally, securing all aspects in each layer: protection, monitoring and auditing. This control also includes the SAP surroundings: satellite systems, interfaces and communications.

SAP is a huge logistics centre in which a large number of tracks converge, along which a company’s information flows. There are multiple routes to getting to a specific piece of data, and a secondary route might be unprotected against a hacker with sufficient knowledge.

Novis provides the most complete SAP cybersecurity solutions on the market, in all of the five security layers.

Security as a Service (SECaaS) is the only means of continual, reliable and exhaustive protection. Keeping the system permanently protected isn’t optional, rather it’s the only way of dealing with a key aspect of the system in a serious and consistent manner, it’s as important as the system’s continuity and availability.

Security should not be considered an isolated event. An audit can provide a reliable indication of the state of the system in an instant, but you cannot be sure that the surrounding conditions will change. An attack could take place today and go undetected for months. A forensic analysis comes too late to avoid damage.

Find out all that we can do to keep your system protected 24×7 against illicit activities that are damaging to your company. Learn more about NTBS – Novis Top to Bottom Security solutions.


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