Transition to S4. Interview with Javier Porro

Interview with Javier Porro, CEO at Novis Euforia, in which he talks about the migration to S4 scenario, its possibilities and about Novis Euforia’s mission to help our clients.

Our key role in the migration: Contribute with the most scientific approach possible in the transition to S4.

Pillars on which to build the path to S4:

  • No rush. Finding the right path and making moves when they have to be made in the best possible.
  • Automating as much of the process as possible, finding out everything that has to be done by means of a thorough system check.
  • Basing our work on three central points:
    • Cloud consumption model in the future. Essential.
    • Data management now and in the future. What do we need to take to the new scenario?
    • Multi-integration scenario and the interaction of other systems with SAP.

We don’t have to tell clients what they have to do. We have to help them to discover their own path internally. This can only be achieved by asking ourselves questions based on these three fundamental focal points. Naturally, with our expertise knowledge at Novis Euforia as technological partners.

The majority of SAP clients are trying to justify the reasons for migration, beyond the value of S4 itself. Our mission is to help them discover this and offer valuable scenarios taking into account all possible variables, from infrastructure to licensing, system maintenance, the ALM or operation itself.


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